What to write? that’s the question I think to myself every time I open up my browser and log onto this site, yes I know I should plan things through but I’m a spontaneous person and when I do finally start writing I tend to overthink about what people actually want but I’m just going to start writing about my random ravings about absolutely anything because this blog is more about myself opening up a bit and a place to just relax and speculate than anything else. I feel as though I must write however because as soon as my fingers touch the keys the words just start falling out into the world, or at least it feels like it, I feel powerful when I type whatever I like and then send it off into the world, knowing people from completely different walks of life have read my silly words here makes me feel strangely accomplished.



Dealing with anxiety has been a tough task in my life, it will always be a feeling that I will experience on occasion but now in a healthy context, as I have managed to quell my fears and transformed my viewpoint. I won’t go into how it first started here, because that’s of no particular consequence within my circumstance, the only thing that matters is that I now attach no weight to such matters. I realize that the validation that I used to seek was a result of a traumatic experience and is not indicative of any basis in reality, my confidence was knocked but when we accept ourselves for who we are, in that we are moral people with brilliant minds and pure purpose, we see the light of ourselves, the truth that lives within, acceptance of what we are and all that we could be if we just apply ourselves within the right circumstance, it sets us free to be the best that we can be and that’s all that we have control over because life isn’t about control, it’s about seeking our own truth, the truth is we can only control ourselves and our actions in this world. As long as our compassion for others wins through, our compassion for ourselves shall as well and hence we become greater.

My Skins ‘Ships’

Hello reader, once again I’ve come back to this blog after an extended absence and I’m still woefully behind the times in the media that I consume but I thought I would chat about something random, my Skins ‘ships’. Now ‘ships’ – a term that I’m not particularly fond of – are a quite popular phenomenon, wherein a person has a favorite couple in media that may or may not have ever occurred in cannon so I thought I’d join in on the fun, so here goes. (SPOILERS FOR A DECADE OLD SERIES FOLLOW)

  • Grace and Rich were the highlight of season five that were alas torn from each other due down to fate – coughfuckingFrankycough – they were the best, supported each other, toughed it out through Rich’s Bieber haircut although they were polar opposites from each other when the show started, they became Yin and Yang, they are probably the healthiest portrayal of a relationship in this show, neither were possessive, both were enamored but gave each other healthy goals. Watching them grow to love each other through their vastly different life styles and choices was a beautiful thing, they learned to not only love each other but the hobbies that they each pursued through thick and thin, Grace and Rich for the win.                                                                                            
  • This might piss a few people off but I love Effy and Cook as a couple albeit slightly dysfunctional, we see that Cook never truly gets over Effy in the main series considering his romantic relationship with her ever-so-slightly less classy doppelganger ‘Arcia’. Cook is brash, loud, the life of the party, a bon vivant, the bad boy with a heart of…well gold plated stuff. Effy starts the earlier seasons completely mute, emotionally cold, logic hiding a ticking time bomb of emotional wreckage, Cook balances her out, gives her love and learns to give her space, his cool exterior should calm her fears but in the series it plays out as Cook reminding Effy of her previous self and hence ruins their relationship.                                                                     
  • Emily and Naomi were a troubled but interesting match that were ultimately torn from each other by a cruel twist of fate – coughSkinswriterscough – their relationship consisted of an off-on denial of a romance that only got off the ground when the forth series ended which annoyed me tbh. It’s telling really that the ultimate irony is that Naomi is so obsessed with injustice and righting wrongs and yet she causes herself injustice by denying herself until Emily holds her hand through the cat flap in that touching moment which had me in tears, Emily was Naomi’s rock even when Naomi couldn’t forgive herself Emily forgave her and loved her.

Well that’s it for my favorite ships, most of them were cannon but I have some more thoughts about how I would have liked each relationship to progress. XOX.

A Decade of Dysfunctional Decadence

When I look back at my youth one thing stands out, Skins, a cultural classic and a must see for any millennial, a bit younger than the main cast, I feel like I’m not alone in the feeling that we all grew up with them in an age of flip phones , glitter hair gel, dresses over jeans and side swept fringes and what an amazing time it was, truly were halcyon days where grunge felt like a real concept rather than a makeup tutorial with 5 million views, where life wasn’t dominated by a constant pinging of notifications and emoji eggplants…imagine our beautifully toxic characters not having a rave but vlogging as Chris our beloved stoner blogs about living off a quid instead off pissing off and pissing on a squatter. Times have changed, so hence I’ve decided to review and rewatch each episode.

Lots of roars, Kell xox


Reminiscing and Revisiting

As a 90’s child who hated the era when I was growing up, I’ve come to feel those nostalgic pangs for music and TV that I would usually dislike, The Spice Girls, Bratz dolls, plaid mini skirts, chokers ect…

I realise that although we’re living in a renaissance of pretty much every fashion and makeup trend of the last century, we may be able to replicate the look but the feeling of the era is long gone. The 90s had a tentative approach to the Millennium, a certain paranoia took place as one thinks it would considering how infrequently in Modern Human experience, internet and all, it occurs. But despite all that it was a definitive era, one where hedonistic escapism was at a peak, the mass appeal of the web and so on, we’ll not see it again but it’s definitely something we can reminisce and revisit through the best shows, the people, the toys and clothes.

Feeling nostalgic for Pac-man.

Lots of roars Kell xoxo

Annoying TV tropes that makes ones brain hurt.

  • Overdone cockney (or any) accents unless used for comedic affect.
  • Unsightly idiot paired with beautiful caring lady who then makes remarks about  how said woman has put on weight, she’s a shocking eight stone now!
  • Men always cheating on their doting wives and it’s set up to look hilarious.
  • The villainising of  men, portraying them as oafs.
  • Friends becoming romantically involved constantly.
  • Portrayals of working class and upper class people are completely incorrect.
  • People being categorised as  “Geeks or sluts”.
  • OCD being shown as having to wash your hands over and over again until your hands bleed.
  • “Queer baiting” wherein a homoerotic pairing looks about to be set up but is instantly negated when one of the pairing develops a hetero normative attraction to the opposite sex.
  • On the subject not enough realistic bisexual and gay couples.

Opinions may vary; these are just mine, all opinions are welcome.

The Candy Corner

Candy…the one thing I cannot live without, white,  milk, dark, any kind of chocolate is  my jam (see what I did there?) I’m partial to cotton candy too! I sometimes wonder what American chocolate is like but then I remember that Simpsons episode when they arrive in London and complain that British chocolate is too sweet for them! I’m not a fan of sour sweets, it’s kind of an oxymoron.

Lots of roars Kell  xoxo



Scrambling Sims

I’m an avid Sims 2 player (yes still), I play with a few non conflicting well known mods but even before, my Sims have had very interesting ways of screwing up their programming, the most annoying mishap that I’m sure every Sims player has experienced, the dreaded pathing issue, all my Sim had to do was get up out of his  chair but the table he was eating at was apparently in the way, I MEAN WHY  THE  HELL DID YOU ACCEPT THE PROMPT TO SIT THERE ANYWAY!!!

I  shall probably write more Sims articles but this is just a short introduction into the lunacy of my annoying Sims.

Lots of roars Kell XOX


It has been said many times that style is something you have or something you do not, nothing between, it can be considered the physical manifestation of the inner self but what’s your style and are you representing your personality or is it purely aesthetic?

I myself being a semi closed book represent my personality partially but mainly appreciate it’s aesthetic appeal purely for its decorative purposes.

I consider myself to have a heart that’s half pink glitter and half gunmetal, basically a bit of a punk with a dash of everything thrown in, it’s nice to have influence but also nice to be yourself, live your life your way.

Lots of roar, Kell xoxo

Romance and Relationships

Hello dear readers, as I said in a previous post I shall be writing some posts about consensual human relationships, basically a bit of give and take agony aunt type. So I have been thinking lately after burning some proverbial bridges (definitely not the literal type…I’m not The Prodigy lol) and making way for new relationships about the type of partner I’d like and what I will put up with. I used to put up with anything and everything because I thought that would make me the chill cool girl, who the guy would eventually ask out but I’ve found that just doesn’t really work, I’m not saying you should be a two bats short of Batman’s cave but I’d advise against being a walkover, someone just to use at the guys/girls convenience, know your worth and what you will take and what you won’t, just a short post, you definitely don’t have to listen to this advice, do whatever is safe for you and works for you, we’re all different and what works for one may not for the other.

Lots of roars Kelly XOX