I cannot believe tis’ only three days until Xmas and Santa squeezes his rotund belly through our chimneys, eats our cookies and run off with the stockings, dirty bugger, not that he’d be able to get through any modern fireplace…it’s all happening too soon! Surely it was only yesterday that I was hopeful that the world has some semblance of sense but nay twas not meant to be. I wonder how we would control children without fairy tales and Xmas, I know you may be thinking “That’s awful! I would never do anything like that” but that’s where aspects  of these traditions came from but nevertheless I still love Xmas. Who isn’t a child at heart?! I still love the ringing of bells, the rustle and shine of tinsel, the aroma of onion gravy and the heat from the fire…and even the elves, reindeer and Santa in all his menace and mirth.

Lots of roars Kelly.


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