Dear readers,I disclose here some words of advice intended to help you remain merry and motivated at Xmas time…so here we go:

1) It’s not the worst time of the year if you do something that not only helps yourself but others too, help some animal/children/care charities, take in someone, an animal or a child and give them a good forever home with love and support, volunteer to help the homeless or visit an elderly person or/and relative, you’ll be surprised at how far a simple act of kindness can go and how good it will make you feel.

2)If you drink, have a nice glass of your favourite tipple at the end of the day…just one glass mind don’t want you to end up off your face found lying in half opened presents stinking of cake, vomit and shame and don’t give that creepy step uncle an excuse to hit on you, dirty old sod!

3)If drinking is not your vice, cake is my answer, eat as many as possible and then do all the hard work at the gym with the subscription you’ll surely need next year.

4)Get everyone cheap little gifts (don’t leave the price tag on) I mean who has the money or the time?! If they love you the cost shouldn’t matter (too much).

5)Be creative, remember the good of this season, write poetry or paint winter skies, it’ll soon be warm by the time you’re finished!

6)Do the things you love because everyday is a precious road to walk…with that I’ll conclude this list (hopefully I’m on another list…Santa’s nice one that is) I’m going to resume doing important research into Daniel Radcliffe gifs.

Lots of roars Kelly.



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