I’m not going to lie, I have only just stumbled on a whim into the world of blogging, I have no formal training in the written word as a few of you can probably tell and I tend to get bored of any new project that I start within days, this is no exception because of this I have been reassessing my mind. The trouble of the creative minded, the lament which we all share is the fickle nature of the muses…the glimmering of hope and peace in a shadowed chaotic mind, trying to trace a dream but quickly giving in to the melancholy that whispers to us in honeyed words of dreams that we could never hope to aspire to…or maybe it’s a psychological error inherent in all those with a creative eye and a neurological need for validation and inspiration, how quickly that dissolves into the abyss of lost ideas…and with that I wish you all a very merry Xmas, I shall persevere to be lazy as possible over the season, lots of roars Kelly.


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