Hello dear readers I’d like to discuss something dreadfully nerve-wracking…job interviews (or lack thereof lol). I’ve applied for fifty jobs and received few interviews, one secretarial, one warehouse, one pending paralegal, one PT with training, one private tuition and a rejection from a tearoom?! Anyway I thought that I’d write this to just complain really and share some insights (annoyances?) with you…I’m sorry in advance;

A) To companies who already have the placements filled, stop advertising the same job? I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve by doing it but stop, it’s disappointing and disrespectful (Forgive me for my constant alliteration but I have a penchant for it).

B) Why is it only ever the most random job that’s also the furthest away schedules an interview? seriously?! Those were my last options.

C) And to job advisers, why? just why? I mean yes of course I’m looking, what am I doing here all day? twiddling my toes? lol

D) Advisers please stop trying to send me to work experience that is too far away especially when you’ve got proof that some people can’t drive, some people have anxiety or other illnesses, they can’t do all the things you take for granted, show a little mercy and compassion  and let’s face it, common decency.

E) Don’t say you’ll take anyone regardless of experience and then hire the exact opposite.

F) Companies should give more inexperienced people some you know, actual experience, it’s a vicious cycle, “Come back when you have more experience” they say but no one will give that these days…how about you stop employing cheap labour and start giving apprenticeships, I mean waiting tables isn’t that hard to teach.

G) Please if you’re going to reject me give me a reason or at least some constructive criticism! Oh and the worst offender is when they don’t back to you at all! I mean I’ve sent out about fifty applications, only received one rejection letter, the rest have left me with silence.

H) But always count your blessings…because life is about living, loving and laughing and most of us have it better than others.

Lots of roars Kelly, P.S sorry this was mainly a terrible rant lol.


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