Greetings dear readers and gluttons for my punishments. I’d like to preface this post by saying that by no means am I a hardcore goth (to capitalise or not to capitalise, that is the question) but I do have a penchant for the gothic in nature,  97% of my clothes are black, I dye my hair black, have a love for a black or blood red lip and love the paranormal, basic Addams family reject…but I don’t think I’ve earned the goth label yet. I digress, being a semi-goth I wanted to share with all of you a list of things funny (and not so funny) things that I’ve noticed (completely subjective) of peoples perceptions of me and goths in general;

A) People will call you a goth even if you don’t identify as one, just because you wear all black (It’s slimming!), sometimes even your own family will say when they talk to neighbours, “Oh yeah, she/he’s going through the goth phase” which leads me to the next point.

B) IT’S NOT A PHASE! For most it’s a lifestyle choice and not and never has been a phase…some people have grills, snapbacks and like to say “Innit” a lot, some people have fangs and black coffin shaped backpacks and like to say “Welcome to my crypt” a lot…so what? for both it’s a life choice, not a phase.

C) IT’S A PHASE! Conflicting to the previous post is if it turns out to be a phase, slowly you start going for black boho dresses and think it’ll be okay, it’s only one slightly different style dress, isn’t it?!  and then it turns into white fairy dresses and you say you’re still being mystical at least and then you’re in a pink PVC little number…suffice to say this is confusing for some, especially when there’s backlash from both communities about it, some say you’re being disingenuous, some say you’ve grown out of it but neither are true, you’re just doing you but some people will act like you’re a traitor but that’s okay, as long as you’re happy.

D) You’re evil…run…run. Not much to say about this one, you’ll hear it certainly but yeah maybe they’re just small minded…so yeah just do you (as long as you’re not actually evil! but I’m pretty sure you’re no more evil than I am, muwahahaha)

E) A particularly annoying one for me, the sex you’re attracted to assuming you’re into BDSM just because you’re look ravishing with your piercing eyes and blood red lips but no, no one has the right to assume anything about you, especially sexually, if you’re feeling even the slightest pressure from anyone even a boyfriend to do anything you don’t want to, get out of there and kick that dude/dudette to the curb, you deserve a Gomez not a Fester.

F) It’s not all about the fashion. It’s not all about lace and corsets, fishnets and PVC, it’s about being one with the tomes you read, the films you like, the music that thrashes or enraptures you, about history, culture and the paranormal.

G) Yes goths can love animals too, I’m a semi goth and vegetarian and proud, we’re all multifaceted people and ironically enough the nicest people sometimes seem the darkest, until you know them, hence why people don’t seem to understand that a lot of us goths should and do love animals, we feel more affinity with their wild nature which is more like our own than most other humans that we know.

H) Goth Shaming and Racial Shaming…basically any kind of shame deserves a middle finger and a staunch “fuck you mortal” and same goes to anyone that says that only us White folks can be goths…are we actually living in the 21st century? but yes sadly some will be shamed for the colour of their skin or/and their attire, just know that you’re above that shit and you can take it and more because you’re a goth, you’re a strong person and you’re doing you, people are jealous of that kind of confidence.

So if you actually read this thank you and send me your questions/clarifications/criticisms…any I missed out on?

Lots of roars Kelly


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