Hello dear readers I would like to have a fairly lighthearted chat about our symbiotic relationship with the beauty industry. I’ll preface this by telling you a fact about me…I’ve never been to a beautician or salon, never had the money or the inclination to let a stranger manhandle my cranium, which is why it might be surprising that I’ve decided to break the package black dye habit, not that I didn’t like it but because I feel like it’s time for a change and I don’t think I’d be comfortable bleaching at home because of obvious reasons. So I decided that I shall book an appointment with a salon which lead me to have an open discussion about the outrageous nature of our societal obsession with the aesthetic and the corporate greed that accompanies it, I should mention it’s not my intention to shame anyone, so let’s start the chat;

A little pet peeve of mine (and perhaps you) is the over sexualised nature that salons and corporations use to sell products, yes I know that we’ll never escape such marketing but it is misinformation, a lie, a hook to reel potential clients in with, as I say it’s only a minor peeve but I thought I’d mention it.

Another misrepresentation is the fact that half of the employees seem incapable of creating the hairstyles they sell, I don’t mind variation but when it’s clearly a completely different style, it becomes ridiculous and when the inevitable “I’d like my money back” is uttered, see their facade falter.

The cost…am I really to pay an extortionate $50 for a blow dry? seriously?! no…just no, not when I’ve got a hairdryer and an ounce of sense at home, look I’m not trying to besmirch anyone or throw shade at beauticians/hairdressers, I mean most from what I’ve seen are amazing, I know you have to make a buck and most don’t charge that much but for the ones that do, it’s not happening bro.

So what do they get…money and clientele, that’s been established but the other side of the coin should be explored for arguments sake.

The service of smaller salons is usually exemplary, great charming staff and quality cuts, dyes and most of the time they style your hair how you would like it, not what they think is the appropriate look for you because your styles is yours to define.

What we attain from these more ‘indie’ salons is actually tantamount to a small miracle, the confidence to walk out those doors feeling like a diva with our heads held high and a spring in our step, glistening dewy skin and luscious hair, amazing nails (I love a good mani-pedi) and maybe even strike up a friendship or two with staff and fellow customers.

We ask and they do, they create works of art, intricate beauties and beachy waves, with a good attitude, plenty of skill and a curling iron they change our physical appearance into the person we feel inside.

In summery, it’s not really surprising or even a new statement about the nature of corporations but I just felt like saying that there are amazing independent salons out their I suggest you try those ones sometimes because the cost/lack of quality of the bigger ones are not really worth it.

Lots of roars Kelly.


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