Hello dear readers, I was bored, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. (Do not follow these instructions, most of you understand this article is pure satire and I’m not liable if you test this out)

Step one; Read a book ‘accidentally’ become subconsciously ‘influenced’ by its narrative.

Step two; Recreate it in its entirety.

Step three; Do NOT credit the author.

Step four; When the inevitable call from lawyer/authors representative comes, tell them it was your idea, they will politely demand you desist in your fraudulent adventure, tell them to suck your drool soaked lollipop stick and hang up.

Step five; Congratulations you’ve been sued, enjoy living on pissy park benches, eating coal and watching your ‘favourite’ author rake in the riches and cry hysterically because that could have been you if you’d created a legitimate idea and not stolen someone elses.


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