Dear readers this is just going to be a post of me being a typical nerd, so feel free to pass it up lol. So I’ve been particularly excited this week because of the promise of a new episode of Doctor Who, let me tell you I was sorely disappointed, the hyperbole I must admit swayed me to watch, since I hadn’t since David Tennant had taken over that renown police box, I’ve never much liked Capaldi’s interpretation of the mysterious space man which is in contrast to how I felt about Matt Smith’s, I loved his performance I just didn’t like most story lines, the characterisation and objectification of the female companions but thought he was such a good personification of the character that he won me over. You see Tennant set the bar high, maybe too high as no one has thus far managed to capture such a vast audience even non-fans decided that he was worth a view. In conclusion, I did like one episode of Capaldi’s, The Pilot but the succeeding one bored me to tears…is it worth another shot?

Lots of roars Kelly


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