Dear readers, I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with me as a person, my life seems to be filled with people who don’t want to know me, who don’t care for me or like me…every time I really like someone, they never like me back, I know it’s a scenario as old as time itself but it’s every man, they like me for awhile and then they leave, maybe I’m going for normal guys when I should be going for alt/rock guys? I don’t know but maybe I should give up on this blog too, I’m pouring my heart out over it, like I never would in reality…maybe it’s because I never ask?! haha I remember watching ‘Skins’  and a character JJ with autism in the second season wonders why nothing ever goes right for him and Emily another character says “Because you don’t ask” I suppose that’s it…I’m just too shy to ask, don’t like rocking the boat. Thanks for listening, feel free to message if you’re feeling just as shitty.

Lots of roars Kelly.


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