Romance and Relationships

Hello dear readers, as I said in a previous post I shall be writing some posts about consensual human relationships, basically a bit of give and take agony aunt type. So I have been thinking lately after burning some proverbial bridges (definitely not the literal type…I’m not The Prodigy lol) and making way for new relationships about the type of partner I’d like and what I will put up with. I used to put up with anything and everything because I thought that would make me the chill cool girl, who the guy would eventually ask out but I’ve found that just doesn’t really work, I’m not saying you should be a two bats short of Batman’s cave but I’d advise against being a walkover, someone just to use at the guys/girls convenience, know your worth and what you will take and what you won’t, just a short post, you definitely don’t have to listen to this advice, do whatever is safe for you and works for you, we’re all different and what works for one may not for the other.

Lots of roars Kelly XOX


Busting a move in a bubble.

Hey dear readers, right now I’m sitting here in a bubble of music, my whole world and experience of life now confined to a pair of earphones and an amazing tune, living this experience and loving it for the 3:19 playtime and guess what I do when it’s finished and I’ve busted a move (do the kids still say that haha), I play it again obviously, I feel the rhythm in my body, the lyrics in my heart, the beat in my blood…music can definitely be therapeutic, I suggest listening or playing something upbeat when you’re feeling down, it’s like the sun shining on a field of lavender or the moon beaming through the stained windows of a gothic style building, it’s something beautiful. I like to try and listen to something new especially after there is convincing evidence that new music helps the ol’ grey matter.

Lots of roars Kelly XOX

Forgot the title first time around

Just writing a shit ton of blogs to kind of make up for the absence of said blogs for a couple of months, what can I say?! I’m a lazy cat of a person, all I do is lie around, purr and drink milk…okay the cat comparison is starting to get weird but yeah now you can see why Leos usually identify with the creatures, lovely and lazy, that’s us. Anyway back to the topic at hand or paw…omg did I really just say that? Basically I’ve had no motivation whatsoever to do anything but lounge around although today I’ve had a burst of creativity or motivation because tbh I’m still struggling with the creative side of it, which is a bit annoying since this kind of relies on a creative block, strangely I can write fiction fine but I struggle with actual blogging, maybe I should try vlogging instead?

Lots of roars Kelly XOX

I have a confession to make.

Dear readers, hi! and welcome back. Here’s a fact, I, like most people adore music, it’s pretty much my life, everything is about music and music is about everything to me. So obviously it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve been listening to a lot of it and especially today when I needed motivation to clean my room, which of course plays into the title of this article because I have a sweet confession to make, here it comes…drum roll please…I’m a Rick Astley fan, now you may think that not much of a confession but to a goth/rock chick, this is potentially life altering, of course right now I’ve got Kasabian on so my rock brownie points are high and I’m feeling all sorts of cool but yeah basically always remember that it’s okay to be different and not fully conform to any particular label, as long as you’re a good person, who cares? just practise mindfulness and everything should come to you when the time is right.

Lots of roars Kelly xox


Leo dating, diary of a douche-magnet.

Welcome dear readers, I just thought I’d start off a new season of writing by creating something different than my usual topical rants/whimsical tangents; this new project is probably going to encompass all aspects of dating (perhaps I should make a more personal site for such things lol…dirty laundry everywhere). I shall be writing about the nitty-gritty of dating as a semi-hermit semi-goth Leo lady, so come with me and discover all the things NOT to say as I inevitably say them and watch me fuck up in the most supreme of ways…this is Leo dating, diary of a douche-magnet.

Wanting to hit back and hit out.

Hello dear readers and forgive me in advance for this post, it’s mostly going to be venting personal frustration. After some time of convalescence and because of said convalescence I’ve been ruminating on my career or lack thereof and I realise I can make it but the obstacles are there certainly, in this day and age it seems that none of us can get a job on even the lowest rung of the ladder, it seems that good old fashioned nepotism and connections are at play more than ever, all I’d like to do is as the title suggests hit out, get out and find something but that’s making me want to hit back when they knock be down, it encourages me to try harder…

Lots of roars Kelly

I Keep Giving Up.

Dear readers, I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with me as a person, my life seems to be filled with people who don’t want to know me, who don’t care for me or like me…every time I really like someone, they never like me back, I know it’s a scenario as old as time itself but it’s every man, they like me for awhile and then they leave, maybe I’m going for normal guys when I should be going for alt/rock guys? I don’t know but maybe I should give up on this blog too, I’m pouring my heart out over it, like I never would in reality…maybe it’s because I never ask?! haha I remember watching ‘Skins’  and a character JJ with autism in the second season wonders why nothing ever goes right for him and Emily another character says “Because you don’t ask” I suppose that’s it…I’m just too shy to ask, don’t like rocking the boat. Thanks for listening, feel free to message if you’re feeling just as shitty.

Lots of roars Kelly.

Plenty Of Fakes.

Hello dear readers, this is just a little romance chat when do you think is the right time to meet an individual from online and should you even attempt the whole malarkey. I’ve in my time encountered fakes, people with various mental disturbances, guys who weren’t over other girls, guys who use it as a sex service and most never bother to meet…have any of you met an SO on there? just a quick question.

Lots of roars Kelly.

Of Travel and Time.

Dear readers this is just going to be a post of me being a typical nerd, so feel free to pass it up lol. So I’ve been particularly excited this week because of the promise of a new episode of Doctor Who, let me tell you I was sorely disappointed, the hyperbole I must admit swayed me to watch, since I hadn’t since David Tennant had taken over that renown police box, I’ve never much liked Capaldi’s interpretation of the mysterious space man which is in contrast to how I felt about Matt Smith’s, I loved his performance I just didn’t like most story lines, the characterisation and objectification of the female companions but thought he was such a good personification of the character that he won me over. You see Tennant set the bar high, maybe too high as no one has thus far managed to capture such a vast audience even non-fans decided that he was worth a view. In conclusion, I did like one episode of Capaldi’s, The Pilot but the succeeding one bored me to tears…is it worth another shot?

Lots of roars Kelly

How To Get Sued – In 5 Easy Steps For The Uninitiated.

Hello dear readers, I was bored, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. (Do not follow these instructions, most of you understand this article is pure satire and I’m not liable if you test this out)

Step one; Read a book ‘accidentally’ become subconsciously ‘influenced’ by its narrative.

Step two; Recreate it in its entirety.

Step three; Do NOT credit the author.

Step four; When the inevitable call from lawyer/authors representative comes, tell them it was your idea, they will politely demand you desist in your fraudulent adventure, tell them to suck your drool soaked lollipop stick and hang up.

Step five; Congratulations you’ve been sued, enjoy living on pissy park benches, eating coal and watching your ‘favourite’ author rake in the riches and cry hysterically because that could have been you if you’d created a legitimate idea and not stolen someone elses.