Dorkiness and Dragons…ROAR!

Fellow nerds out there, on a scale of one to fever dream, how good is Game of Thrones? are the books better? For these are two questions I cannot answer because I have to admit to something terrible that may very well rip apart the fabric of time and space…I have never watched/read it, I know, I know, I have to bluff my way through conversations and pretend to understand the memes, the only thing I know is that poor Sean Bean gets killed off in everything lol. It’s more surprising since I’m actually a big fan of LoTR, Harry Potter, The Witcher games/books…Shrek! Anything fantasy based gets a thumbs up from me…so do you recommend it? or not? better or worse than the books?

Lots of roars Kelly.

I Tried To Resist…Honestly!

It’s been so long since I’ve actually written anything after my hiatus that I’m afraid that I’ve forgotten how to! So here’s an update on what I’m up to, I’m still dreadfully single (come to me for relationship advice at your peril lol), I’m still weird, listening to the King’s Singers right now because I’m so hipster. Still haven’t found a job. Still hoping Daniel Radcliffe will magically appear at the front door and ask me to marry him…or at least ride his broom. So does anyone have any recommendations about what they’d like me to write and how to get back into it? Lots of roars Kelly

Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a Merry Xmas and A Happy New year! Be kind to each other and all creatures, love life, give hope and inspiration, I started this blog on a whim less than a week ago, I’ve never felt drawn to any particular vocation and thought writing/blogging could be it because I’ve loved writing since I was a child, always wrote my own little novels but I realise now that I could never make a career out of it and wouldn’t like to anymore. Although I at first very much enjoyed the process of writing for others and it did bring more creativity and spontaneity out of me, every time I wrote something that got no attention or I didn’t think was good enough, I felt as though I were phoning it in and gradually lost interest, it was actually making me hate the thing I love so much, from now on I shall write privately for my own pleasure, maybe I’ll upload it to sites that match my interest but for now this is it, my blog will languish in the depths of WordPress…It’s not about if you will be successful, it’s about trying something new and inspiring the good in people, I tried and I achieved something…more self-awareness, I tried to do some good and that’s what matters.

Lots of roars Kelly.


I’m not going to lie, I have only just stumbled on a whim into the world of blogging, I have no formal training in the written word as a few of you can probably tell and I tend to get bored of any new project that I start within days, this is no exception because of this I have been reassessing my mind. The trouble of the creative minded, the lament which we all share is the fickle nature of the muses…the glimmering of hope and peace in a shadowed chaotic mind, trying to trace a dream but quickly giving in to the melancholy that whispers to us in honeyed words of dreams that we could never hope to aspire to…or maybe it’s a psychological error inherent in all those with a creative eye and a neurological need for validation and inspiration, how quickly that dissolves into the abyss of lost ideas…and with that I wish you all a very merry Xmas, I shall persevere to be lazy as possible over the season, lots of roars Kelly.

Xmas gift giving

I’m not quite sure that I’d like to actually part with the gifts that I have bought people…I mean I haven’t bought myself anything but alas I shall because tis’ the spirit and all that, I’m inwardly hysterically crying over how much I have spent plus people are going to expect the same next year! Oh I should not have started this whole gift giving thing…tis’ only money I keep telling myself…only money…only money…only moneeeeeey, they’re all getting socks next year. Lots of roars Kelly.


Motivation and Merriment

Dear readers,I disclose here some words of advice intended to help you remain merry and motivated at Xmas time…so here we go:

1) It’s not the worst time of the year if you do something that not only helps yourself but others too, help some animal/children/care charities, take in someone, an animal or a child and give them a good forever home with love and support, volunteer to help the homeless or visit an elderly person or/and relative, you’ll be surprised at how far a simple act of kindness can go and how good it will make you feel.

2)If you drink, have a nice glass of your favourite tipple at the end of the day…just one glass mind don’t want you to end up off your face found lying in half opened presents stinking of cake, vomit and shame and don’t give that creepy step uncle an excuse to hit on you, dirty old sod!

3)If drinking is not your vice, cake is my answer, eat as many as possible and then do all the hard work at the gym with the subscription you’ll surely need next year.

4)Get everyone cheap little gifts (don’t leave the price tag on) I mean who has the money or the time?! If they love you the cost shouldn’t matter (too much).

5)Be creative, remember the good of this season, write poetry or paint winter skies, it’ll soon be warm by the time you’re finished!

6)Do the things you love because everyday is a precious road to walk…with that I’ll conclude this list (hopefully I’m on another list…Santa’s nice one that is) I’m going to resume doing important research into Daniel Radcliffe gifs.

Lots of roars Kelly.


Bah! Humbug! of Menace and Mirth.

I cannot believe tis’ only three days until Xmas and Santa squeezes his rotund belly through our chimneys, eats our cookies and run off with the stockings, dirty bugger, not that he’d be able to get through any modern fireplace…it’s all happening too soon! Surely it was only yesterday that I was hopeful that the world has some semblance of sense but nay twas not meant to be. I wonder how we would control children without fairy tales and Xmas, I know you may be thinking “That’s awful! I would never do anything like that” but that’s where aspects  of these traditions came from but nevertheless I still love Xmas. Who isn’t a child at heart?! I still love the ringing of bells, the rustle and shine of tinsel, the aroma of onion gravy and the heat from the fire…and even the elves, reindeer and Santa in all his menace and mirth.

Lots of roars Kelly.

Romantic interests

Now don’t get me wrong I love a good RomCom (Just finished watching Notting Hill btw) but does Hannibal Lecter really need to date that Paris Hilton look-a-like?! Wait that isn’t a movie yet but I’m sure with the industry the way it is, it soon will be…the point of this friendly rant (O! the oxymoron) is that it begs the question, must we be forced to endure watching unlovable misogynistic characters getting the girl? Just a thought.

Lots of roars Kelly.

Voldemort and vegans.

After perusing my favourite beauty sites I happened across some of the most inventive awe-inspiring creations, enchanting makeup palettes that are not only purse friendly but animal friendly too…completely vegan and since that extraordinary hour I’ve realised that my main makeup ambition is to collect as much Harry Potter inspired merchandise possible. The palettes come in many shades but all are glittery and glamorous of course but I must admit that I have my eye on the Slytherin greens and silvers. Lots of roars Kelly.


Procrastination and vocation.

I’ve always been a procrastinator, so much so that I once slept over twenty one hours! Not the good ol’ days that’s for sure. I have trouble completing projects once I’ve started them, much to the chagrin of everyone around me and yes it does affect other people, that’s the trouble. We tend as naturally selfish creatures to prioritise our needs rather than anyone else but I find that if I focus on reading books, I empathise with the characters and that allows me to understand how time, place and emotion affects us all. Basically I believe that the way to get out of a rut is to meditate or ruminate and understand that pull of emotion that calls, when we’ve found our vocation…it takes time and patience, you’ll know it when you feel it.

Lot’s of roars Kelly.